Kindergarten Registration

The School Disrict invites parents of children entering Kindergarten in September to register their children at the Elementary School serving their area.
Please be advised that proof of age for students new to the B.C. school system, provincial Birth Certificate, Immigration Papers, CARE Card; Passport or notarized proof of age) must be supplied before registration can be accepted.
Kindergarten students must be five years of age on or before December 31.
To ensure that your child is able to attend your neighbourhood school, it is essential that you register!

Full Day Kindergarten is now available in ALL School District No. 46 Schools.

Click here for the Kindergarten Brochure
The Primary Program affirms the importance of the early years as the foundation for lifelong learning.
The Primary Program reflects an understanding that children learn through active engagement and play.
The Primary Program addresses the development of the whole child.
The Primary Program adopts the following three principles of learning:
• Learning requires active participation of the student.
• People learn in a variety of ways and at different rates.
• Learning is both an individual and a group process.

The Ministry’s current curriculum for kindergarten (PDF, 650KB)

The ideas contained in the Primary Program: A Framework for Teaching (PDF, 4.6MB) supports teachers in designing and delivering kindergarten programs.