School District No. 46 (Sunshine Coast) has initiated a SPARK! Program, designed to 'Support Parents Along the Road to Kindergarten.' Parents can sign up for the program prenatally, and are invited to attend a ninety minute session every Fall, Winter and Spring until their children enter Kindergarten. In SPARK! families reflect on how children learn and grow. The Early Learning Framework provides the foundation for the discussion, and parents attend classes with other parents who have children the same age. Once the children are over one year old, the school district works with community partners to provide childcare at no cost to families. SPARK! classes are held in our Early Years Centres in Gibsons Elementary and Sechelt Learning Centre, and sessions for families with three year olds are held in all of our elementary schools, to give families a chance to attend a SPARK! Ready, Set, Learn session in their neighbourhood school. Families are provided with materials and toys when they attend the program. Parents can also register for the Dolly Parton Imagination Library at SPARK!, which mails a free, age-appropriate book to their children every month until their fifth birthday. The SPARK! program is founded on a philosophy that learning happens naturally, through the experiences, relationships and joy that families share with their children. Families enjoy the opportunity to gather together with other families who have children the same age to exchange ideas, and to reflect and celebrate their children's learning and growth.

To register, phone (604)885-6787 or email:

For more information, contact Kirsten Deasey, Early Learning Coordinator at (604) 741-5787 or by email at
“Supporting Parents Along the Road to Kindergarten” – Beginning at birth, families can attend a 90 minutes class once every fall, winter and spring until their child enters Kindergarten.
Your child will receive a free book in the mail once a month until their fifth birthday! Supplies are ordered in advance, so be sure to register for SPARK! early! To register, phone (604)885-6787 or email:
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